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Welcome to our hospital!

Here you’ll find everything you need about Glade Valley Animal Hospital and how we can help you. We have online forms for everything related to our Frederick veterinarian clinic, and information, including a virtual office tour and what to expect on your visit.

What to Expect

When you are looking for a veterinary care clinic you should be able to count on superior care and excellent service. We at Glade Valley Animal Hospital in Frederick MD have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet. We have a state of the art veterinary facility which is clean, comfortable, and efficient. Call 301-663-5591 to schedule an appointment and we will find a time that is convenient for you.

Please bring in any medical history you have of your pet when you come to our vet clinic. It’s best to keep a journal of your pet’s health throughout his or her life, including any behavioral shifts. We are also interested in what you are feeding including any treats or supplements that are being given.

We recommend twice yearly physical exams for your pet. As everyone knows, pets age faster than we do. Twice a year exams would be the equivalent of a person seeing their own physician every 3-4 years. During the exam, the doctor will do a complete physical including looking at the teeth, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, abdomen and limbs. We would update any vaccinations as well as any lab work that might be indicated. If you have noticed any other issues we can also address them at this time.

In some circumstances, we will refer you to a specialist who has advanced expertise in areas such as internal medicine or surgery. We have several specialists who come to our hospital to provide this service or we can refer to others in the region if necessary.

Veterinary Resources

Glade Valley Animal Hospital is aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet. Our team has taken the time and evaluated the following sites. We trust the information the listed websites provide to you, our client, and member of our family.

Payment Options

Payment is expected when services are rendered. In order to focus on our patients’ needs, customer service and minimizing costs, we do not bill. We accept debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, CareCredit) checks, and cash. All cards must be signed by the owner of the card.

Tour Our Clinic

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your furry friend’s time at Glade Valley. Need to check on the name of the medication you’ve been using for your canine’s ears? Want to double-check the online price for Heartgard (we do price match!)? Or just want to take a moment and check your email? We received a technology grant from Merial and have free WiFi you can use!

Get in touch!

We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon. If you have any questions, our contact information is below.


Call: 301-663-5591
Fax: 301-663-5594

Office Hours

Monday: 7:00am – 7:30pm
Tuesday: 7:00am – 7:30pm
Wednesday: 7:00am – 7:30pm
Thursday: 7:00am – 5:30pm
Friday: 7:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am – 1:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Temporary Office Hours (COVID-19)

Monday: 7:00am - 5:30pm
Tuesday: 7:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday: 7:00am - 5:30pm
Thursday: 7:00am - 5:30pm
Friday: 7:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 7:00am – 1:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Please note: our hours may be changing frequently. Call for additional info.


2420 Monocacy Blvd.
Frederick, MD 21701
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