Did you know that what you feed your pet plays a significant role in his or her overall health?


Nutrition is considered a vital component of your pet’s medical care when paired with yearly checkups, vaccinations, and routine blood tests. A properly designed feeding plan is the final step in completing a comprehensive medical plan for your dog or cat.
We recommend feeding a high-quality pet food that has been life-staged to meet your growing, adult, or senior pet’s nutritional needs.

There are numerous food brands available on the market but unfortunately very little regulation to ensure product safety. We recommend Hills, Purina and Royal Canin because they conduct research, have veterinary technical support, conduct feeding trials, and support veterinary continuing education.

If a prescription diet is necessary based on a specific diagnosis, we can provide recommendations for the appropriate food to feed. Our prescription diets are competitively priced and come with a money-back guarantee if your pet does not eat the food. And you also can order them on our website with automatic shipping, so you don’t have to remember to reorder.

If we’ve recommended a diet food for your pet to obtain a better body condition score, we have partnered with Purina and Hills to enable you to feed your pet a balanced diet that contains fewer calories to promote a safe and gradual weight loss.

Our staff is trained in assisting you with any food-related questions and will gladly help you with your pet’s nutritional needs.