Pet Insurance

We believe that insuring your pet’s medical care is one of the best investments you can make. Great strides have been made in veterinary care and just like our own health care costs, they come with a price. But by insuring your pet you can afford them access to the best in veterinary health care.

We recommend Nationwide’s Whole Pet with Wellness. This plan provides a 90% reimbursement on all veterinary expenses. If we prescribe it, they pay for it, including monthly preventatives and prescription diets. (The only exclusions are pre-existing conditions, boarding and grooming and non- veterinary fees such as taxes and hazardous waste fees). Because they don’t cover pre-existing conditions, we recommend you get your puppy or kitten insured early to ensure the full benefit of the plan. This plan is simple and provides for medical, wellness and emergency coverage. Go to for more information.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

We recommend Whole Pet with Wellness by Nationwide, which currently offers 90% reimbursement of medical expenses and has the broadest coverage available anywhere.