We’re a full-service animal hospital.

The team at Glade Valley Animal Hospital strives to provide complete care for our patients.
Please scroll down to learn more about the veterinary services we offer to the pets of Frederick,

Surgical Services

Our clinic offers general and some specialty surgical services performed in our state of the art surgical suite. We perform routine soft tissue surgery (spays and neuters) as well as skin, eye, gastrointestinal, genitourinary and some orthopedic surgery. For more advanced procedures requiring board certified expertise, we work with ambulatory surgeons who can operate here or we can refer to surgeons in the Frederick, Washington, Baltimore, or Leesburg area.

Anesthesia is supervised by our team of veterinarians and carried out by our experienced team of certified veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants to ensure that your pet is safe and pain-free throughout the procedure. We perform many of the same steps that are used in human anesthesia. We first determine the overall health of the patient prior to surgery by recommending appropriate blood tests or imaging. On the day of the procedure, an IV catheter is placed and pre-medication is administered to calm your pet and provide balanced anesthesia. Medication is injected through the catheter to provide initial anesthesia and then the patient is maintained on oxygen and an inhaled anesthetic. An individual anesthetic technician is dedicated to monitoring your pet throughout the entire procedure. We also provide comprehensive pain management before and after surgery. Our goal is to provide a safe, pain-free and fear free surgical visit!

Dentistry Services

Dental disease is one of the most common problems we see in our patients. In spite of home care, most pets at some point will require teeth cleaning and many will need extractions due to periodontal disease or tooth injury. We offer general dentistry services including dental x-rays, which are necessary for making proper dental treatment decisions. We perform the dental cleaning while your pet is safely anesthetized (see the surgery services section above for a complete description of the anesthesia process). Our technicians use a combination of hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar. We measure and record any evidence of periodontal disease so we can monitor the progression of dental disease on subsequent dental visits. We also check for evidence of advanced periodontal disease (pockets that have formed along the tooth root). We can then perform x-rays to assess the degree of disease and make an appropriate treatment recommendation, which may be a conservative approach of packing the root with a long acting antibiotic gel or in cases of severe disease, extraction. Extractions are performed using the currently accepted standards of care, including regional nerve blocks and comprehensive pain management before and after the procedure.

Following the procedure, we provide recommendations for home care that are designed to maintain clean, healthy, tartar-free teeth and provide for a healthy, happy pet!

Self-Bathing Station

While we do not currently offer grooming, we have a self-bathing station where you can bathe your pets. We also offer nail trims during appointments or by tech appointments.


We provide boarding for our regular clients. We provide runs and cages for dogs as well as cages for cats in a separate room. The cat room has a large picture window with an outside bird feeder to provide additional entertainment! We provide bedding for your pet, so you don’t have to bring yours. The dogs are allowed to exercise in a fenced grass area behind our clinic while the technicians clean the cage or run. We feed a high quality canned or dry food to your pet, or you may choose to provide your regular diet with specific feeding instructions. Medications can also be administered if necessary by our staff. Make your reservations early, especially for peak holiday and vacation times.

Diagnostic Imaging

We provide radiology and ultrasonography services on site. Our trained staff can take radiographs to evaluate your pet for illness or injury as well as special films needed for breeding certification purposes. Our radiographs are reviewed by a board-certified veterinary radiologist. Some imaging procedures do require sedation for your pet’s comfort and to provide a better diagnostic image. The veterinarian will alert you if this is necessary.

We also offer on-site ultrasounds (sonograms), both abdominal and cardiac, performed by specialized mobile veterinary ultrasonographers. These images are also reviewed by a board certified veterinary radiologist.