Tour The Clinic

A blast from the past, click here to see what the clinic used to look like!

No clinic tour would be complete without seeing our furry greeter! Nicholas is one of two clinic cats, and he definitely takes his job of official greeter of furry friends and people seriously! If you’re not careful he’ll end up in your lap, or carrier!

The Entrance

Our lobby has seating for both you and your furry friend! We have three seating areas in our lobby to help facilitate the need at times to keep canine and feline patients separate before their exams. We also have three entrance doors to the clinic that can be used to transport your furry friend to and from your vehicle easily.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your furry friend’s time at Glade Valley. Need to check on the name of the medication you’ve been using for your canine’s ears? Want to double-check the online price for Heartgard (we do price match!)? Or just want to take a moment and check your email? We received a technology grant from Merial and have free WiFi you can use!

Exam Room

Our clinic is paperless, and each exam room has a computer station for entering patient records, a lift table that can adjust it’s height for large and small patients, and a built-in scale for records patient weights.

Treatment Ward

Our treatment room is the largest area of the clinic and is where we prep for surgery, have cages for patients that we are monitoring, draw blood, and perform routine care such as expressing anal glands, trimming nails, or cleaning ears.

We also have the ability to run in-house diagnostics if your furry friend is sick or the doctor feels that the results need to the same day. We have a full suite of chemistry and whole blood analyzers, as well as centrifuges, microscopes, and urine test strips to analyze everything from whole blood or serum to urine and microscopic exams of any lumps or bumps your pet may have.

Diagnostic Imaging

Did you know that we can take digital x-rays and do a full abdominal ultrasound in the clinic? Our diagnostic images are then sent to specialists for review and interpretation, and typically we have results by the end of the day. We can also share the images and reports with you as well as with referral and emergency hospitals.

Surgical Center

We do surgery and dentistry on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We ask that you bring your furry friend to the clinic between 7 and 8 am to allow for our technicians to answer any questions you may have as well as record patient vital signs, run any pre-anesthetic bloodwork, and place an IV catheter if needed for surgery.

While doing any surgical procedure, your furry friend’s vital signs are monitored by one of our technicians. Their role during a dental or surgical procedure is to monitor breathing, pulse, dissolved oxygen level, blood pressure, and overall patient health.


We offer boarding for our established clients and patients. We have both canine runs and feline condos where your furry friend can have plenty of space to spread out during the day.

Old Clinic Photos